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Washington Post ‘None of these big quagmire deals’: Trump spells out historic shift in approa... 2017-02-25 Clickbait
CNN LIVE: VP Pence's RJC keynote speech 2017-02-25 Clickbait
CNN Can the White House discuss open investigations with the FBI? 2017-02-25 Legitimate
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BuzzFeed We Need To Talk About 2017 Justin Bieber 2017-02-25 Legitimate
Toronto Star Parents found guilty of first-degree murder in death of diabetic, starved son 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times A Lawsuit Against Uber Highlights the Rush to Conquer Driverless Cars 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times Sweden, Nation of Open Arms, Debates Implications of Immigration 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times The Interpreter: Stephen K. Bannon’s CPAC Comments, Annotated and Explained 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times Trilobites: How Far to the Next Forest? A New Way to Measure Deforestation 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times Bigotry and Fraud Scandal at Kindergarten Linked to Japan’s First Lady 2017-02-25 Legitimate
NY Times Judge Says Trump’s Statements Did Not Prejudice Case Against Bergdahl 2017-02-25 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail The Oscars: A Canadian filmmaker is going supernova right before our eyes 2017-02-25 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail Settling a Syrian refugee family was a lesson in humility and humanity 2017-02-25 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipstick passes the ‘long lasting’ test 2017-02-25 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail What to expect from Jimmy Kimmel when he hosts the Oscars 2017-02-25 Clickbait
The Globe and Mail What business students look for when searching school websites 2017-02-25 Clickbait
BuzzFeed 22 Slightly Odd Things You Never Noticed In "Twilight" 2017-02-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Canadian Christian leaders denounce Franklin Graham ahead of his Vancouver trip 2017-02-25 Legitimate
Washington Post With Trump’s changes, the deportation process could move much faster 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times In Kim Jong-nam Killing, a Common Migration Tale Takes a Dark Turn 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times Targeted by ISIS, Egyptian Christians Flee Violence 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times The Intimate Lens of Ed van der Elsken 2017-02-25 Clickbait
NY Times In London, the Rise of Old-Fashioned Fashion 2017-02-25 Legitimate
NY Times London Sales Will Gauge Art Market’s Health in Trump Era 2017-02-25 Clickbait
CNN Pence pledges to 'keep our end of the bargain' with top Jewish supporters 2017-02-25 Clickbait
BuzzFeed Do You Remember The Week In Pop Culture? 2017-02-25 Legitimate
NY Times Not From Venus, Not From Mars: What We Believe About Gender and Why It’s Ofte... 2017-02-25 Clickbait
BuzzFeed 25 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Will Never Tell You 2017-02-25 Clickbait
Washington Post ‘I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children’ to the U.S.... 2017-02-25 Clickbait