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CNN Law doesn't do enough to protect reporters 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Analysis | Trump takes a moment to brag that less than half the country think... 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Trump's travel ban stays frozen 2017-05-25 Legitimate
NY Times Manchester, Greg Gianforte, Mosul: Your Thursday Evening Briefing 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times Senate Panel Approves Stiff Iran Sanctions and Says Russia Is Next 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times Attending His Own Wake 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times China’s Ancient Circular Walled Homes 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Toronto Star Trump administration plans to take travel ban fight to U.S. Supreme Court 2017-05-25 Legitimate
Toronto Star Embattled York school board looks to turns page under temporary director 2017-05-25 Legitimate
Toronto Star Portable defibrillators called 'Mikeys' are saving young lives 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Analysis | Fox News rebutted Greg Gianforte’s story about his fight with a re... 2017-05-25 Clickbait
CNN How Islamist terror can be defeated 2017-05-25 Legitimate
Washington Post Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation 2017-05-25 Legitimate
NY Times Assault Charge for Gianforte Lifts Democrats’ Montana Election Hopes 2017-05-25 Legitimate
CNN Phil Mudd: Trump travel ban 'ass-backwards' - CNN Video 2017-05-25 Legitimate
Washington Post Jared Kushner now a focus in Russia investigation 2017-05-25 Legitimate
BuzzFeed 21 Times '90s Fashion Brands Went Way, Way Too Far 2017-05-25 Legitimate
NY Times Opinion | Get Married, Get Healthy? Maybe Not 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Toronto Star My daily commute by bike turned me into a witness of a truly tragic event 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Democrats prepare to claim victory in Montana, regardless of outcome 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Coca-Cola, New York Daily News and others pull support for New York’s Puerto ... 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Opinion | Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times The Public Editor: The Bombing, the Crime Scene Photos and the Outcry 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Sponsors are dropping New York’s Puerto Rican Day parade after a controversia... 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Toronto Star City of Toronto to study safety measures for bike trail in wake of child’s death 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times ‘Love, Rick’: Teacher’s Letters Track an Attempted Seduction 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Washington Post Well, that was silly. Before Mark Zuckerberg spoke at Harvard's graduation, t... 2017-05-25 Clickbait
Toronto Star Conservatives leadership race is now down to its final days 2017-05-25 Legitimate
BuzzFeed 27 Incredible Pictures From The First "Star Wars" 2017-05-25 Clickbait
NY Times European Visits by Trump and Obama Are a Study in Contrasts 2017-05-25 Clickbait