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Politico ‘I Want This for George’ 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed BuzzFeed News 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed 13 Of The Most Unforgettable Makeovers From "The Oprah Show" 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed News Trump Is Allowing Hunters To Bring Elephant Trophies Back To The US 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Buzzfeed News Unity for Puerto Rico March 2017-11-19 Clickbait
The Atlantic Will the Senate Expel Roy Moore If He's Elected? 2017-11-19 Legitimate
The Atlantic The Second Life of Sears' Massive Distribution Centers 2017-11-19 Legitimate
The Atlantic Mavis Staples's Revolution of Compassion 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Fox News Country music legend Mel Tillis dead at 85 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Fox News Chance the Rapper Sings 'Come Back, Barack' on SNL 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Politico Mnuchin: 'I didn’t realize' viral dollar bill photo would go public 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Politico Scott: 'Strong possibility' a new GOP candidate could win Alabama Senate race 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Buzzfeed 23 Things That Were Cool In 2005 But Definitely Aren't Now 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Buzzfeed 25 Tweets That Are So Good They Deserve To Be In The Twitter Hall Of Fame 2017-11-19 Clickbait
The Atlantic The Strange Rituals of Silicon Valley Intern Recruiting 2017-11-19 Clickbait
The Atlantic 'Boys Have Deep Emotional Lives' 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Politico In Democrat-led state capitals, GOP tax reform push could scramble fiscal plans 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed 21 Pictures That'll Make Anyone Who's Ever Been A Cashier Say, "Yep, That's R... 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Buzzfeed News The World’s Most Famous Actor Whose Face You’ve Probably Never Seen 2017-11-19 Legitimate
The Atlantic The Elaborate Charade to Obfuscate Who Writes Pop Music 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Fox News Florida church: 'We are heavily armed' 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Fox News Homeless Veteran Gets Farewell from High Schoolers 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Politico Mulvaney: White House ‘OK’ pulling individual mandate repeal from tax bill 2017-11-19 Legitimate
The Baffler We Know What the Problem Is 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed We Can Guess The Man You Need Based On Your Food Preferences 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Buzzfeed 18 Little Makeup Tricks That Actually Work 2017-11-19 Legitimate
The Atlantic The Crowdsourcing Site That Wants to Pool Our Genomes 2017-11-19 Legitimate
Fox News Timeline Photos 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Politico Trump on UCLA basketball players: 'I should have left them in jail' 2017-11-19 Clickbait
Jacobin We Know What the Problem Is 2017-11-19 Legitimate