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Marie Claire This Is When You'll Get a First glimpse of Kate Middleton's Baby Bump 2017-09-21 Legitimate
Polygon Director Ron Howard is teasing more hints at what’s to come in the untitled H... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
Polygon The latest Stranger Things poster is a tribute to one of the '80s most iconic... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
NY Times Why Mexico is so prone to strong earthquakes 2017-09-21 Clickbait
NY Times To President Trump's threats of destruction, North Korea says: "The dog barks... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
NY Times Trump’s attacks on Iran over the nuclear deal may have created an unexpected ... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
NY Times "Poor neighborhoods in Xochimilco and Iztapalapa without much help. Come with... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
NY Times Manafort has continued soliciting international business even as his past int... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
USA Today Is your passport valid for your next trip? 2017-09-21 Clickbait
USA Today Coming up today from the USA TODAY Network: Fantasy football advice, NFL pick... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
USA Today Volunteers and police are rushing to dig out a young girl trapped under colla... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
GQ Magazine A rare look inside @Patagonia's private archive 2017-09-21 Legitimate
GQ Magazine Oh, hey @nickjonas! 2017-09-21 Clickbait
GQ Magazine Off-White x Nike is now a football cleat 2017-09-21 Clickbait
Popular Mechanics Apple's new 4K TV: Is it worth the upgrade? 2017-09-21 Clickbait
Popular Mechanics NASA's cool asteroid probe #Osiris-rex will fly by Earth tomorrow. Why do we ... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Hindu Six years ago, the train's speed was reduced after a fatal accident. #China #... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
Wired In the age of fake news, has grown to be an indispensable resource 2017-09-21 Legitimate
WebMD That morning cup of coffee may be doing more than serving up a needed caffein... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) Real Betis keep their heads to leave Real Madrid assessing early-season damag... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) Tony Abbott describes assault by equal marriage supporter – audio 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) Labour party's tensions between left and right in focus in Brighton 2017-09-21 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) Climate optimism has been a disaster. We need a new language – desperately | ... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) No business, no boozing, no casual sex: when Togo turned off the internet | M... 2017-09-21 Legitimate
The Guardian (UK) Reeling in the years: dementia-friendly screenings make cinema accessible to ... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) Jake LaMotta was not a great champion but one of the toughest, a boxing beast... 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) How have you been affected by the earthquake in Mexico? 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) 'Africa's Tate Modern' – Cape Town’s Zeitz-Mocaa gallery opens 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) Zadie Smith says using social media would threaten her writing 2017-09-21 Clickbait
The Guardian (UK) New figures reveal scale of controversial leasehold homes 2017-09-21 Clickbait